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Download Sound and Audio Foundations For Producers TUTORiAL: ↓↓↓
Sound and Audio Foundations For Producers TUTORiAL
P2P | June 29 2015 | 386 MB

Pro classic studio secrets of hitmakers: learn these fancy production tricks to get an edge in any studio--even at home! Learn tricks of hit producers and engineers, even without pro studio experience, immediately ? you can use the same pro studio tricks most newbies ignore to skip over years of trial and error!

You ll learn
- How to build effective monitor stands for practically nothing in just minutes
- To be comfortable discussing sound transmission, amplitude, frequency, decibels, Hz and kHz
- How to remove pops and clicks by snipping at the zero-crossings
- How to calibrate your monitors using SPL meters for instant mix improvement
- How to improve your sound with the smiley face curve
- Understand the ?flat response" and frequency responses of your gear
- How to avoid spending $ on samples or studio recordings that are out-of-tune with your own recordings

... and much, much more!