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Zoom In Life Reason REFiLL

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Zoom In Life Reason REFiLL
Zoom In Life Reason REFiLL
Reason REFiLL | 324 MB

If you like the impressive PVC tube tones from the Blue Men Group, here may be the best choice you can find! And even more than that! For more details, you can find how and what did to get the samples in the manual. In this Refill, I don?t like to simply gathering and stacking lot of samples into the samplers. I?d like to create and build some real instruments, by using those common noises from the life. And more important, they shall sound like traditional instrument and not that kind of noise instrument in electronic music. So they are not only tuned and scaled. And also they are more sensitive and rich timbre response by playing on keyboard.

Even there shall be some related tiny noise sometime. I took lot of time to tuning every patch to matching the experience of playing a physically acoustic instrument on keyboard. That you can easily feel variations of the ADSR and Harmonics in your hands by different velocities, just like a real instrument but you never seen before.

And more I did is that, now the sampled instruments got the resonator! You know, the resonator makes an instrument different with another one. It?s one of the essential acoustic component of an instrument. And sample-based instrument usually can?t do that at all, unless the sampler having a Resonator algorithm inside. Unfortunately, most of the samplers don?t have it yet. You may try the Refill and check the manual in the pack to see how I make it.

What?s included:

- PVC pipes
- Cola and Sprite cans
- Noise from car, like seat-belt
- Glass cup and board, bulb
- Small iron spanner
- And even noise from the common tapes.
- And more?