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Download Big Fish Audio LA Riot 5 Fresh Maker CDDA (4CDs Set): ↓↓↓
L.A. Riot 5 Fresh Maker CDDA (4CDs Set)
Team: CHiC | 2003/05/27 | 1.2 GB
Looky, looky.

Just when you thought it was all over, the L.A. Riot producers have come back for an encore!
These 4 CDs again set the new standard by bumpin out over 80 Nu Skool and classic construction kits, all with matched BPM and tempo sets, hundreds of Nu Skool, live drum breaks, stop-start drum breaks, scratches and found sounds, drumloops, brand new bomb banks, scads of vocals including Ghetto vocals, Ghetto vocal hooks, Diva vocals, Ghetto talk vocals, raps, Gospel organ master riffs, guitar licks, funky and bizarre guitar, scratches, basslines, individual drum hits, FX and so much more, you gotta get on it quick! Everything has sample accurate cuts, keys and BPMs. This Nu Skool Fresh Maker is the next wave of future Hip Hop!