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ProRec Bits Of Expressive Guitars AKAi 2CDs

ProRec Bits Of Expressive Guitars AKAi 2CDs
ProRec Bits Of Expressive Guitars AKAi 2CDs
Team: TZ7iSO | Size: 876,6 MB

Tonz of guitar licks, riffs, leads, rhythms, & chords for styles including rock, pop, funk, jazz, and blues, played on Fender Strat, Gibson Les Paul, & Martin 12-string acoustic. 355 audio snippets, 414 Akai samples presented with and without chorus, flange, and phase-shift effects. Rhythm patterns range in tempo from 80 to 170 bpm. Bits of Expressive Guitar serves up tasty electric and acoustic guitar parts for your Akai sampler that just might fit the bill. It also sports a selection of electric jazz guitar licks and strums suitable for acid jazz, & even some acoustic 12-string chords that might help fill out a songwriter demo.

The sounds themselves... are pretty strong for the most part and could serve as inspirations for the creation of music, either as the foundation or as sonic seasonings. The samples are very clean, with no amp hum or extraneous noises from sources such as a squeaky wah-wah pedal.

Bits of Expressive Guitar provides many inspirational licks and patterns that could trigger composing sessions in several styles. ... It's worth a hundred bucks!

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