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Ueberschall Liquid Instruments The Voice Vol.1 HYBRiD

Ueberschall Liquid Instruments The Voice Vol.1 HYBRiD
Ueberschall Liquid Instruments The Voice Vol.1 HYBRiD
Team DYNAMiCS | Date: 01.07.2007 | 2.12 GB

Male and female a-cappella chorus lines (verbal) for pop, dance and RnB productions This is something revolutionary new: Vocal phrases of a choir with independently editable voices. For the first time ever it is possible to change a single voice within a choir - independently from the other lines - and to adjust it to your own needs. You can basically create every vocal harmony and every chord progression you can think of. Only Liquid Instruments "The Voice" gives you total control over each single voice and melody within a choir.

Take a chord, change a line and create a new feeling in an instant! The unique Liquid Engine enables you to create everything from simple adlibs to complex harmonic structures within minutes. Every vocal phrase has been dubbed eight times by two (male and female) singers. That's a total of eight different tracks per vocal phrase for absolutely realistic sounding choirs. All vocal phrases can be combined with each other - a myriad of possibilities! 300 vocal phrases between 2 and 8 bars. Focused mainly on pop, dance and RnB productions.

The Voice vol.1 (verbal) contains vocal lines such as: "listen to the groove", "keep me movin' on", "liftin' me higher", "party everybody", "ready for my love", "you make me wanna dance", "universal love", "feel so high", "sexy dancer", "when will you stop playing" and many more...

All recordings were made acoustically dry without additional effects or filters.

Full 24 bit recordings 300 vocal phrases = 2400 vocal loops 3GB library.


* control audio material as simply as midi data
* change notes within the phrase
* adapt tempo and key
* select from a wide range of musical scales
* control all parameters in realtime
* pre-screening with adapted pitch and tempo
* easily generate your individual setup
* high quality Melodyne technology
* multiple content management
* edit start and ending
* quick sound browser
* all parameters midi controllable
* sync to host
* great bandwidth of styles
* highest quality recording equipment