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Modular Sequences WAV-MAGNETRiXX

Modular Sequences WAV-MAGNETRiXX
Modular Sequences WAV
TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 10 October 2013 | 285 MB

Specifications: 129 24 bit modular sequences using Make Noise DPO, maths, function and optomix, Intellijel korgasmatron 2 and expander,dixie 2 and uVCA 2, Mattson SQ816 sequencer, Happy Nerding super sawtor, Division 6 mult and Synthesis Technology E580 delay modules. basslines, leads and atmospheres to be used for production or DJ ing, some loops, some evolving stems.suitable for techno, house, dubstep and electronica. 438MB unzipped. arranged in 10 recording session folders with tempos clearly indicated.

* Other Genres that this package may be useful in:

,Electro House
,Progressive House
,Tech House