SYNTHiC4TE | Oct 06 2013 | 579.65 MB

SawPad is our latest MLM Lite and comes, actually, through public demand. Following the success of SquarePad, many asked for a sawtooth variation - same thing, basically, but with sawtooth waves instead of squares. And so here it is. Same principle as before - made up of detuned sawtooth waves from our resident modular s three VCOs (voltage controlled oscillators). Like SquarePad, one VCO has an LFO applied for a bit of movement. Furthermore, the samples are well over a minute long which not only gives them time to breathe and move but also allowed me to adjust controls in realtime making each sample uniquely animated which all come together beautifully when played polyphonically in Kontakt where they produce a very organic and evolving sound.

These pass through the Suit&Tie Guy Sea Devil VCS3 filter (which is my favourite filter on the mod synth with its quirkiness) and then onto the Fixed Filter Bank before going onto a Boss CE300 analogue rack mount chorus, arguably their most luscious, gorgeous and idiosyncratic chorus ever...

* 44.1kHz/24-bit
* Advanced Retro Synthesis Engine

-- Rich pad sounds and sweeps and textures
-- Stereo multi-samples, each over a mintute long
-- Real-time manipulation of analogue modular source
-- Lowpass filter for tonal modification
-- LFO control of filter for tonal sweeps
-- Crud switch creates edgier lo-fi elements
-- Simple envelope shaper
-- Stereo spread control
-- Chorus and stereo/mono echo section
-- Convolved reverb with custom impulses


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