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Minimal Techno Ableton Template

Minimal Techno Ableton Template
Minimal Techno Ableton Template
TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 05 October 2013 | 2.7 MB

It's all about the great ableton native plugins ! we will help you to know how to use things like "Grain Delay, Ping Pong, Overdrive...." and even making your own drums & FXs with "Analog or Operator", also using the group channels (buses) to Eq & Compress things together ! And don't forget the master channel in which we perform mastering exclusively with ableton plugins. Midi Based Templates for Infinite Creativity: As always, this is a Midi -based template so you can rearrange and recreate however you wish. You will also have a ton of new channel strip settings to add to your collection and all the sounds are completed only using ableton native plugins and one free 3rd party plugin. Download this project, open it up and use it as starting point or as learning tool. We know you're going to find this Ableton Midi Template an invaluable resource.

Audio Processing By The Pros
Every audio processing chain in the file was created by the pros. With every mid production template for Ableton, you'll receive a plethora of new Channel Strip Settings and new Instrument Racks to add to your private collection.