Optitron Expansion Library M-Tron Pro

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Optitron Expansion Library M-Tron Pro
Optitron Expansion Library M-Tron Pro:

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Optitron Expansion Library M-Tron Pro
Optitron Expansion Library M-Tron Pro
Optitron Expansion Library M-Tron Pro | 341 MB

M-Tron Pro Expansion Library, with 25 Original Optigan Rhythm Loops, 5 Leads, and 150+ Patches for M-Tron Pro Virtual Instrument - Electronic Delivery
Lo-fi nostalgia abounds in the OptiTron Expansion Pack for the M-Tron Pro virtual instrument. The team at recorded their very own Optigan (OPTIcal orGAN, produced in the '70s), to bring you 30 new tape banks for your M-Tron Pro software. You get five original lead sounds, 25 original rhythm loops, and over 150 new patches that put these sounds to great use. So add a warm an fuzzy glow to your music, with the GForce OptiTron Expansion Pack for your M-Tron Pro virtual instrument.

OptiTron Expansion Pack for M-Tron Pro Features:

?Expansion sound library for M-tron Pro virtual instrument
?Collection of 5 original Optigan leads and 25 original rhythm loops
?Over 150 original patches created from these original leads and rhythms
?35 notes per tape bank
?Electronic download

Key Features

30 New tape banks
5 Lead, 25 Rhythms all looped
4/4 Rhythms at 110 BPM
3/4 Rhythms at 80 BPM
35 Notes per tape bank
Over 150 New MTP Patches
OptiTron interface design

Backing Tracks & Effects

Banjo Singalong
Big Band
Big Top Marching Band
The Blues Sweet & Low
Bossa Nova Style
Cathedral Organ
Cha Cha Cha
Champagne Music
Classic Guitar
Dixieland Strut
Down Home
Easy Does it With Vibes
Folk & Other Moods
Gay 90s Waltz
Guitar in ¾
Latin Fever
Majestic Pipe Organ
Nashville Country
Polynesian Village
Pop Piano
Rollin Easy
Romantic Strings
Singing Rhythms
Sleigh Ride
Vox Humana
Lead Sounds
Harmonic Extra
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