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Pan Noir v8.1.9 VST WiN-CHAOS

Pan Noir v8.1.9 VST WiN-CHAOS
Pan Noir v8.1.9 VST WiN-CHAOS
CHAOS | Sept 30 2013 | 10 MB
PANNOIR - Advanced Panning Plugin

When recording using a direct and room microphone, the delay in time between the sounds arrival at the first then second microphone is something that must be fixed during the mix process. When using a single direct mic and a single room mic, this is achieved by introducing a delay in the direct mic to line up the arrival time with that of the room mic. The even more troubling issue though is how to solve the use of a stereo room mic. Since the direct mic?s delay can only be set once, it will only line up to one of the microphones. Of course you could place each side of the stereo mic at an equal distance from the direct mic? but then what about the rest of the orchestra?

panNoir is the easy, flexible and powerful solution to this problem. panNoir allows the user to set the distance between the direct mic and the room mic, so that the delay is made. But, it also then compensates and shifts the left and right to then compensate for the difference in arrival to a left and right room mic in a stereo pair. Mic patterns, angles and separation are of course user definable. The pannoir can even measure and compensate for the use of stereo direct microphones.

All of this goes together to allow the mix engineer a real possibility of recreating the depth and width of a stage, and finally allow for a mix to truly shine.