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FX Vol.1 Studio Tools WAV

FX Vol.1 Studio Tools WAV
FX Vol.1 Studio Tools WAV
TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 28 September 2013 | 106 MB

Fx package.. A beautifully recorded, eclectic selection of fx samples. These are tune ready for Producers worldwide. What we have here is the combination of workshop, jam jars, beatboxers, mbira, tam hits, cymbals and so much more all shoved in front of a proper mic, squashed through our Class A pres and brought into the digital domain just for you. The studio has been mayhem... We're gonna record what? Chains being dropped... well why not, some gaffa being torn. That makes a good sound let?s stick a mic in front of it. Wobble boards, claps, didge, Djembe, a drill (really???) are all here to brighten up your tunes.. Just to give you an extra something. A little 'WTF' You can build beats with our one shot beatbox or you can take these sounds and make them even weirder. We've left them mostly dry but you can effect them to your hearts content.

Of course we haven't just grabbed things from the workshop and put a 58 infront. We've taken our usual care trying different mics and pres and getting the best sound for each Sample.

There's a lot of fun here but a lot of care has been taken too. So if you're looking for a bundle of Organic sounds that will in detail contain 148 samples lovingly recorded at 24bit, 44.1 Khz weighing 145MB .. We cannot start to list the fx here but check out the demos and you'll get a small taste.

Tech Specs:

24 Bit Quality


148 FX One shot samples