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DDMF CM EQ Pack x86 x64 WiN

DDMF CM EQ Pack x86 x64 WiN
DDMF CM EQ Pack x86 x64 WiN
DDMF | CM Version | EQ Pack | x86 x64 | WiN

IIEQ Pro CM is an all-purpose EQ, whereas LP10 is focused more on mastering, offering linear phase and variable phase operation. The plug-ins are based on DDMF's highly regarded IIEQ Pro and LP10 plugins.

Both plug-ins have the following features:

? Six bands of EQ
? Click and drag on graph to create and edit EQ bands
? Create/edit EQ bands directly via lower parameter strip
? A/B comparison
? Adjustable graph scale (-5:5dB, -10:10dB, -20:20dB)
? Use mouse-wheel to adjust band Q
? Hold Ctrl to "auto-listen" to the band
? Output gain dial

IIEQ Pro CM features:

? 19 filter types in total: 12 standard, 7 Butterworth
? Analogue- and digital-style peak/bell filters
? Low and high shelving filters
? 12dB/24dB low- and high-pass filters
? Band-pass filtering with compensated/normalised mode
? All-pass filter
? 7 Butterworth filters, with up to 10th order operation, for super-steep filtering
? Unusual Butterworth band-shelf filter - like a flat-topped bell/peak!
? Series or parallel operation (useful in conjunction with all-pass mode, for phasing effects)

LP10 CM features:

? Fully adjustable phase for each EQ band
? Sweep smoothly ase from minimum phase (ie, normal digital EQ) to linear to inverse minimum phase
? Global linear phase and minimum phase buttons, for convenience
? Built-in stereo width adjustment (useful for mastering)
? Standard peak/bell, 12dB low-pass and 12dB high-pass filters
? "Flex" filters: peak, notch, low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, low-shelf and high-shelf
? Smoothly adjust the slope of the Flex filters, from 6dB/octave up to 60dB/octave

The full, paid-for versions of IIEQ Pro and LP10 offer the following additional features:

? 10 bands instead of 6
? Built-in spectrum analyser
? Stereo and mid/side operation

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