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Cumulus CM v1.0.1 VST RTAS STANDALONE x86 x64 WiN

Cumulus CM v1.0.1 VST RTAS STANDALONE x86 x64 WiN
Cumulus CM v1.0.1 x86 x64 WiN
CM Version | VST | WiN | 44.6 MB
What is Cumulus?

Cumulus is a granular sampler which radically transforms sample content by breaking it into tiny slithers of audio called grains and reorganizing them to form new sounds. Cumulus is capable of a wide ranges of timbres: from evolving atmospheric soundscapes; to organic physical textures. Up to eight Scenes can be created; a Scene corresponding to a particular sample position and set of synthesis parameters. Scenes can be played in realtime via MIDI, or arranged internally using the built-in sequencer. True independent stereo processing means that Cumulus is capable of running in mono or stereo. With optimized audio algorithms that won't overload your processor, rock-solid stability, and easy integration with any MIDI hardware controller, Cumulus is ideal for live work. With a simple and intuitive interface, flexible preset management, and total parameter automation, Cumulus fits right into your studio environment.

Plug-in vs Standalone
Depending upon your individual studio setup, Cumulus can either be used as a plug-in component of a host application, or as a standalone application requiring no other dependencies. Generally, by using the host application's routing flexibility, running as a plug-in allows easier integration with existing plug-in effects and instruments. If this integration is not required, the standalone version, without the extra layer of complexity added by the host consuming resources, performs slightly better.

Presets and MIDI Mapping assignments are identical in both standalone and plug-in versions. This means any sounds created in one format can be opened in the other.