Puremagnetik Bodhisphere for Ableton Live

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Puremagnetik Bodhisphere for Ableton Live
Puremagnetik Bodhisphere for Ableton Live
for Live | 04/2010 | 212 MB

Bodhisphere? is a unique collection of twisted textures, warped soundscapes and mangled mayhem inspired by FM3 s celebrated Buddha Machine . Complete with 5 menus of high quality 24-bit audio, Bodhisphere joins Puremagnetik s "spheres" collection as a lush resource for sound designers, film composers or anyone looking to get their hands on some seriously tricked out audio!

The following is a list of boutique gear and processors used in the production of Bodhisphere.

? Co-Pilot FX Mantis ii
? Co-Pilot FX Antenna
? Dwarfcraft Devices Shiva
? Symbolic Sound KYMA X
? Tech-21 Bass Sans Amp
? Line 6 X-Pod Live
? Effector 13 Truly Beautiful Disaster
? Moog MURF
? Malekko Spring Chicken
? Blckout Effector s Fixed Fuzz
? Ensoniq DP4

Bodhisphere Features:

? 5 menus of complex, evolving soundscapes
? Over 70 unique multisamples
? Organized sound sets of "Biomental", "Environmental", "Machineroom" and "Industrial"
? Tightly integrated, native "Live Ready" effects & Macro controls
? Custom Kontakt KSP GUI and native Kontakt effects

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