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Ueberschall Bass Saxophone ELASTiK

Ueberschall Bass Saxophone ELASTiK
Ueberschall Bass Saxophone ELASTiK
TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 19 September 2013 | 296 MB

Everybody who thought the classic ?buab? by Tower of Power´s baritonesax sounds deep should listen now to these loops. That´s really new: so soulful and melodic, almost a half octave lower are these new Bass Sax loops, played in a contemporary groovestyle. Played by Multisaxman David Milzow on an extraordinary HighClass- Instrument of the Keilwerth company, these samples show the really new possibilities of this ?beast?, think of ?Barry White goes Sax?.

The saxophone for this production was recorded with premium-class microphones and high-end analog/digital converters. All Licks in this library are available as dry versions, without any additional e.q.- , compressor- or reverb effects.

GENRE: Instruments, Jazz