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XLN Audio Loud Beats and Songs MIDI Pak

XLN Audio Loud Beats and Songs MIDI Pak
XLN Audio Loud Beats and Songs MIDI Pak
XLN Audio Loud Beats and Songs MIDI Pak
Team R2R | 2013.09.14 | 335 KB

This MIDI Pak is not only "Loud, Large and Luxurious" like the Black Velvet ADpak, it's sophisticated, hard-hitting and detailed - cut-through beats and songs played hard in different grooves and variations. Loud Beats & Songs covers many different styles from alternative rock, grunge, post-grunge to modern rock and experimental pop. Songs divided in parts (e.g. intro, verses, choruses, bridges) and beats with different variations, tempos and grooves (e.g. hihat, ride, crash, tom, fills) in 4/4 and 6/8. Mix and match beats, fills and grooves - arrange a complete song in minutes!

This MIDI Pak is made as a compliment to the Black Velvet ADpak and is included in the Black Velvet Bundle. However it's also a perfect compliment to Addictive Drums and suitable for use with any of the ADpaks.

All beats and songs are played by Ludvig Kennberg and Fredrik Okazaki, two eminent Swedish drummers!

Fredrik Okazaki is a Swedish drummer / producer known for his hard hitting thunderous drumming. He works with many domestic and international artist such as I Are Droid , Robyn, Oskar Linnros, Adiam Dymott among many others. He is a frequently touring drummer when he is not working in his own studio in Stockholm.

Beats: Loud Beat 001 - 010
Songs: Loud Song 001 - 005

Ludvig Kennberg is a Swedish studio and live drummer with a well established and recognizable style. Ludvig has worked with bands such as Dead Soul , Ghost and Marching Band to name a few. A dedicated professional who truly battered his trademark into this MIDI Pak.

Beats: Loud Beat 011 - 020
Songs: Loud Song 005 - 010