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XLN Audio Dry Beats and Songs MIDI Pak

XLN Audio Dry Beats and Songs MIDI Pak
XLN Audio Dry Beats and Songs MIDI Pak
XLN Audio Dry Beats and Songs MIDI Pak
Team R2R 2013.09.14 | 385 KB

The Dry Beats & Songs MIDI Pak is a perfect match for our Vintage Dry ADpak and is included in the Vintage Dry Bundle.
This MIDI Pak includes beats and songs covering a wide variety of styles from the 1970s. You can find everything from the softer, slower folk rock of the early 70s to the harder disco grooves from the late 70s. We?ve also included many tight, contemporary modern day rhythms as well.

Dry Beats & Songs is perfect for any style or genre in need of tight, precise grooves on a fat and dry kit. All of the beats were played by professional drummers (see below) and include many variations giving you nearly endless beat construction possibilities.

Jörgen "Jugglo" Wall is a drummer / producer and owner of Cap Studios in Stockholm. He?s known for his ability to play a wide variety of styles and has played for bands including Whale, Lisa Miskowsky, Fatboy. Jugglo was the drummer on the Vintage Dry ADpak recording session.

Fredrik Okazaki is a drummer / producer that has worked with artists including Robyn, I Are Droid, Oskar Linnros, Adiam Dymott. When he is not on tour, Okazaki is busy producing at his private studio in Stockholm.


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