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ILIO - Fingerstyles - KURZWEiL

ILIO - Fingerstyles - KURZWEiL
ILIO - Fingerstyles - KURZWEiL
ILIO - Fingerstyles - KURZWEiL
01.01.2004 | TEAM MASsiVE | 1 CD | RAR SIZE 503 MB

Acoustic Melodies and Patterns Produced by Dan Portis-Cathers (Spectrasonic's Heart of Africa) Fingerstyles consists of Guitar Patterns, Melodies, Cadences and Endings arranged in Construction Kits which can be assembled and overlaid to create complete, seamless tracks.

Music styles include New Age, Blues, Folk, Country, Pop, Ballad, Rock and others, nearly 40 compositions in all, each with as many as a dozen strums, riffs, patterns and melodies. Plus you get a variety of additional strummed chords, including extensions, for more flexibility.

The speed with which you can create full-length, ultra-realistic guitar parts is startling. It's the perfect solution for soundtrack composers on a tight schedule, or anyone looking to add rich sounding fingerstyles to their mix. The six string acoustic steel is expertly played and recorded, and each performance is tempo-tuned so you can sequence the patterns with complete confidence. Whether soloed or mixed, you won't believe the realism.

Fingerstyles sets the stage for a whole new class of sample libraries designed to inspire and get results.