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ZG Monster Beats CDDA ACiD WAV

ZG Monster Beats CDDA ACiD WAV

ZG Monster Beats CDDA ACiD WAV
ZG Monster Beats CDDA ACiD WAV
02.05.2003 | TEAM SynthX | 2 CD | TOTAL RAR SIZE 926 MB

This is the mother of all powerful, driving, 'Kick you in the head' new generation drum loop CDs! Hard as rock natural born drum grooves with attitude from classic, untamed, British rhythm ace Chris Whitten. "All in all, an inspirational collection.." COMPUTER MUSIC UK...

"Let there be no doubt that Whitten can lay it down with energy, attitude, and taste....Monster Beats gets hearty kudos for the length of its loops as well as the variety of effects used throughout. The CD-ROM with bonus material is a big plus too.....Well-played, well-recorded drum loops." KEYBOARD USA

Massively chunky breaks - both clean and dirty, processed and raw. Strong and beefy, fat and solid beats to suit any music genre. Real human feel but tight and positive with mature, rich and organic sounds side by side with ground-breaking, jaw-dropping, leading edge contemporary production techniques.

Well-developed, diverse and knowledgeable patterns in usable lengths including fills and variations. From slow to fast with crescendos and drops, in unbroken audio tracks. The comprehensive WAV CD-ROM includes all the separate diced rhythms plus extras and out-takes, all in perfect byte size lengths. Unique, original and ready to use.