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OverTone DSP EQ500 v1.0.0 MAC OSX-R2R

OverTone DSP EQ500 v1.0.0 MAC OSX-R2R
OverTone DSP EQ500 v1.0.0 MAC OSX-R2R
OverTone DSP EQ500 v1.0.2 MAC OSX
Team R2R | 2013.09.011 | 2.6 MB

Styled as virtual 500-Series format modules, the bundle includes the EQ500 and DYN500, channel EQ and dynamics VST plugins. The DYN500 provides soft-knee compression, and a gentle 'tape saturation' style overdrive when driven at high levels. The EQ500 provides a versatile three band parametric EQ, using our Analogue Filter Modelling algorithms to accurately replicate a natural sounding analogue filter response without requiring high sample rates or CPU intensive upsampling, allowing more plugin instances in a typical DAW.

Both plugins are capable of mono or stereo operation and are designed to provide professional console grade processing while being economical with CPU and system resources.


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