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OhmForce Predatohm PRO VST RTAS v1.42 x86-AiR

OhmForce Predatohm PRO VST RTAS v1.42 x86-AiR
OhmForce Predatohm PRO VST RTAS v1.42 x86-AiR
AiR KGN | VST RTAS x86 | 5.42 MB

We see Predatohm as our cuddly plug-in. After all, if you want BIG, PHAT, WARM sounds from an intuitive interface, then this is your baby. Don't get too comfortable, though, as this beast has claws, and its bark and its bite are both equally ferocious. Dial in one of the array of distortions to add an instant edge to your tune. Need a little more body? Tweak the compressor/limiter knobs to shape your sound to perfection. How about if you want to reign in the treble while blowing a hole through your bass woofer? Piece of cake, as Predatohm has not one, not two, but four frequency adjustable channels, each armed with all of the above features.

Not content with the bone crushing power packed into those four claws, we have also given you tone controls, a monster stereo widener and a particularly vicious feedback generator. If you have spent your whole life trying to stop feedback running wild across your music, we think you'll like having it fully under your control. Slip it off the leash to add some harmonic warmth to your tone, but be careful. This beast may be caged, but it certainly ain't tame.
Some Uses :

Tube Compression
Tube warmth on any source
Phat synth lines
Vocal warmth and distortion
Megaphone/Radio vocal effects
Acoustic guitar enhancement
Classic 1950's/60's tube sounds
Drums - distortion for 'phat' sounds and punch
Guitar overdrive and distortion, amp simulation
Bass punch
Creative sound destruction