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David Moulton - Golden Ears Tutorial Vol.1-4

David Moulton - Golden Ears Tutorial Vol.1-4
David Moulton - Golden Ears Tutorial Vol.1-4
10.03.2008 | TEAM BNT | 8 CD | TOTAL RAR SIZE 2.68 GB

Golden Ears is an AUDIO eartraining course - not perfect pitch or piano lessons- that sets out to teach your ears to hear the frequencies, the signal processing, the compression, the stereo, the distortion and the amplitudes used in your recorded material. It comes to you on eight audio CDs. Created by Dave Moulton, Grammy-nominated recording engineer, educator, musician and acoustician, the lessons it contains represent thirty years of his extensive studio and teaching experience. As you work your way through the hundreds of exercises, you'll find yourself hearing recordings (and not just your own) in a completely new light. The purpose of the course is to help you "hear into" your recordings, to understand and be able to describe the elements that those recordings contain, their spectrum, dynamics, reverb and other audio qualities.

There are four volumes, with two CDs per volume, each covering different components of the recording process.

Vol. 1: Frequencies
Trains you to recognize boosts and cuts in all ten octaves of the frequency spectrum. Progressive drills build from simple boosts in music to more demanding single octave cuts in pink noise.

Vol. 2: Effects & Processing
31 possible signal processing changes, grouped into simple families: amplitude change, gross and subtle distortion, slow and fast release compression, equalization changes, stereophony anomalies and time-delay / reverberation settings.

Vol. 3: Delays and Decays
Delay settings from tenths of a millisecond to whole seconds; panning / slap / spaciousness effects -- in mono and stereo, on sustained and transient sounds. Reverb parameters -- predelays, decay times, etc. Invaluable when creating programs.

Vol. 4: Master frequencies
Advanced EQ. Identify cuts and boosts to within a third of an octave; and two octave bands simultaneously boosted and/or cut.