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Drum Design With FM8 TUTORiAL

Drum Design With FM8 TUTORiAL
Drum Design With FM8 TUTORiAL
SYNTHiC4TE | Sept 07 2013 | 317.41 MB

Design Your Own Drums In FM8 ? Learn to design your own kick drums, claps and hats in under an hour Having the opportunity to see someone else?s workflow in song creation! In this 4 part mini series, we see how to design drums in FM8. In this 4 part micro course, our resident expert Jonny walks you through the steps of designing kick drums, hi hats, claps and percs!

Hi Hats and Kicks
Videos 1 and 2 of this drum sound design series for FM8 focus on designing designing kick drums and hi hats. Not only that but you?ll learn how to control these sounds to shape them exactly as you want them to fit your productions.


Which Operators to use and why
How to design easily tweak-able drum sounds
Using envelopes tweak-able shape your drums
Create a flexible envelope system to generate your own patterns
Which effects to add to your drum sounds and why
Simple sound design choices to change characteristics of drums

Claps & Percussion
In videos 3 and 4 we?re going to take a look at creating snappy claps and some percussion sounds. You will be able to quickly customize each percussive sound to your specific needs, and of course the fact that your sounds are original will be a big difference maker.


How to shape your sounds with envelopes
Important tips for realistic drum design
Bring your clap to life with our EQ tips
How to make your own tuned percs such as tom?s
Creating rhythm with FM8?s effects