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Teeky Synths Wavdryx 1.0 VSTi WiN-Peace-Out

Teeky Synths Wavdryx 1.0 VSTi WiN-Peace-Out
Teeky Synths Wavdryx VSTi 1.0
Team: peace-out | Date: 04.01.2009 | Size: 6,86 MB

is a powerfull WaveDraw synth with a crunchy and fatty sound for driving synth lines, basses and more...


- 1x Manual Draw Mode sequencer with save,load and random (sequences are compatible with PsYbAsSyX, sYnYx and SyNpLyX)
- 1x sequencer speed selector
- 1x Wave Draw Osc with load, save and adjustable wavetable size (256,512,1024 samples)
- 1x stereo widening function
- 1x ADSR
- 1x filter section (cutoff, res and env)
- 1x tempo sync delay
- 1x flanger/phaser/chorus FX
- 1x random sequence button
- 1x random synth button
- 1x random FX button
- 1x random Wave Form button
- 1x random all button
- 1x preset manager with 32 presets
- Full midi learn on every parameters


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