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VMware Workstation v10.0.0.1295980-ZWT

VMware Workstation v10.0.0.1295980-ZWT
VMware Workstation v10.0.0.1295980-ZWT
TEAM ZWT | WiN: 465 MB | LiNUX: 383 MB| LiNUX x64: 367 MB

Here?s the lastest build for the leader of the virtualisation software : VMWARE Workstation.
Description: Winner of more than 50 industry awards, VMware Workstation is recognized for its broad operating system support, rich user experience, comprehensive feature set, and high performance. It?s the perfect companion for any technical professional that wants to save significant time with a tool that is backed by world-class support. Run a full web or cloud environment on your PC, including VMware Micro Cloud Foundry. Run as a server to share virtual machines with your team, department, or anyone in your organization. Remotely connect to virtual machines running on VMware vSphere. Simply drag and drop to move virtual machines to a VMware vSphere server. Run, share, connect, or move virtual machines, it?s a whole new way to work.


Access Anytime, Anywhere
Share the Benefits
New UI, New Way to Work
Unleash the Power of Your PC
From PC to Datacenter
Recycle Old Hardware