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ModernBeats Urban Anthemz Vol.1 WAV

ModernBeats Urban Anthemz Vol.1 WAV
ModernBeats Urban Anthemz Vol.1 WAV
Team: SPiRiT | Date: 06.02.2010 | Size: 352,67 MB

After months of extensive energy & creativity was poured into this innovative music loop library, ModernBeats delivers simply the hottest urban melodies, riffs, and hooks you'll find in Hip Hop: "Urban Anthemz Music Loops 1 ". Featuring over 200 captivating, hit-making melodic loops (600 files total), this groundbreaking hip-hop loopset contains 50 melodic themes at tempos 92BPM-102BPM.

Urban Anthemz Loops Instruments
Ethnic woodwinds, orchestral woodwinds, full brass sections & stabs, trumpets, saxophones, ethnic strings, sitars, dizus, erhus, guchins, yangchins, pipas, tremolo strings, violins, cellos, pizzicato & exotic plucking, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, flamenco guitar, wah-wah guitar, banjo, harps & harp glissandos, classic pianos, baby toy pianos, xylophones, marimbas, metallic bells & tines, synth pads, choir pads, analog synths, sound effects, ambiences, atmospheres, plus more!

Urban Anthemz Loops 1 was designed for extreme ease-of-use. Organized into 2 popular hip hop industry tempos (92BPM & 102BPM), each tempo group contains 25 original heated loop themes including 4 variation loops within each theme: "Hook1", "Hook2", "Verse1", and "Verse2". That's a total of 200 loops (600 files) plus 50 themes. Each tempo group contains its own 25 original hip hop melodies, riffs, & hooks!