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H. E. Audio Acoustic Guitar-Steel 1.1 VSTi STANDLONE WiN-ViP

H. E. Audio Acoustic Guitar-Steel 1.1 VSTi STANDLONE WiN-ViP
H. E. Audio Acoustic Guitar-Steel 1.1
10.2010 | TEAM ViP | PC | RAR SIZE 1.18 GB

Acoustic Guitar (Steel) is described as "very simple and convenient, and is easy to operate even for users who are not familiar with guitar".


* Two types are available: Pick version and Finger version.
* All the guitar playing skills can be fulfilled and displayed on the Main page of guitar interface.
* Many guitar playing skills have been represented authentically, including: Standard, Natural Harmonic, various sliding sounds, chords and finger noises.
* All the sounds are sampled authentically from top musical instruments and acclaimed recording equipments.
* Simple and convenient single-track editing modes realize that full functionality can be achieved within one MIDI Channel.
* Complete guitar Attack time and adjustable function of Start Time, which retains the integrity of every note and precision of performance.
* Exclusive rhombic sampling design means that in often-used range and velocity, sampling density will increase, otherwise reduce.
* Technique for same pitch circulation (robin) makes that each pitch of guitar has different circular timbre.
* Tutorial video is available.
* Background noise is low, and the sampling process is extremely precise.

Equipment used during Sample Recording:

* Lead Mic:AKG-C12VR.
* Front Mic:Sony 800G.
* Stereo Mic:Schoeps mk4.
* Back Mic:Neumann u87.
* Acoustic Field Mic:Schoeps mk4.
* ADDA:Prism Sound ADA ? 8XR.
* Recording Bit Depth & Resolution:24Bit 96Khz.
* Guitar Used:Kevin Ryan Guitar.
* Recording Environment:CCTV 480M2 Studio.

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