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ILIO - Memphis Horns CD 1,2,3 (NKI, WAV)

ILIO - Memphis Horns CD 1,2,3 (NKI, WAV)
ILIO - Memphis Horns CD 1,2,3
ILIO - Memphis Horns CD 1,2,3 (NKI, WAV) | UnRAR 1.08 GB

This multi-disc library delivers hundreds of phrases in multiple keys and tempos. The phrases are presented both in their original complete form, and divided into flexible short phrases so you can easily integrate them any way you like. Styles range from Slow Soul and Passionate Pop, to Furious Funk. Tapping decades of experience with the music industry?s top producers and recording artists, Wayne and Andrew carefully wrote and performed the arrangements to be authentic in style and flexible in usability.

The Memphis Horns CD-ROM includes phrases ranging in tempo from 70 to 140 BPM, each in five harmonically related keys. You also get chromatically multisampled unisons, chords in major, minor, major 7, minor 7 and chord swells. Additionally, there?s a great variety of unique brass effects like flutters, Harmon mutes, tone clusters, falls and rips. Andrew also presents some of his famous solo sax work which you won?t want to miss!

If you?ve ever wanted to spice up your Pop, Rock, R&B, Soul, Funk, or Hip Hop projects, you know what you need. The Memphis Horns library delivers!