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The Atom For Linplug Albino

The Atom For Linplug Albino
The Atom For Linplug Albino
The Atom For Linplug Albino | 643.61 KB

Just like its name suggests - Albino isn't the average animal in your zoo of synths. It's a stubborn breed, and if the name Zebra wouldn't already been taken it might have suited this synth better The Atom started out as a mission to create a new generation sounds for the Albino with the focus on electronic music. The initial goal was 128 bass and synthetic sounds - but the brakes took a little late so after throwing away the too odd and experimental ideas - the soundset ended up with 173 patches. Basses, apreggios, sequences, gates and synth.

This pack is include 173 Patches for Linplug Albino. AND The Atom is a soundset for the Linplug Albino 3 software synthesizer. This product requires a fully working copy of the Albino 3 to work. The sounds have been developed with Albino 3.0.2 on both PC and Mac

Guide how to install:

You place the sounds anywhere on your hard drive and locate this place from Albino. Then Load.


The best way is to place the new sounds among Albinos factory sounds. On OS X these are probably located under Application Support/LinPlug/Albino3Banks. On Windows they are located in the folder where you installed Albino. Just drop the three folders (ArpSeq, Bass and Synth) into the Albino3Banks folder.