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u-he ACE Any Cable Everywhere TUTORiAL

u-he ACE Any Cable Everywhere TUTORiAL
u-he ACE Any Cable Everywhere TUTORiAL
SYNTHiC4TE | Sept 02 2013 | 169.9 MB

If an analog modular had sex with a synth plugin, u-he ACE would be the offspring. Learn how to virtually patch this cool plugin with our ever-cool trainer and synth expert, Rishabh Rajan. Every once in a while, a synth plugin comes along that we feel compelled to bring to your attention ? even if it?s a bit obscure: That?s u-he ACE! This unique synth ? whose acronym ACE stands for Any Cable Everywhere ? is the sonic tweaker?s dream come true.

In this course (which assumes a bit of synth knowledge), you explore every inch of this plugin. You learn all about patching and the multitude of possibilities that this kind of open-ended synth architecture provides for the creative sound designer.

With a patch cable-based synth you ARE the circuit designer AND the sound designer rolled into one. So get ready to learn and dig into u-he ACE with the amazing Rishabh Rajan. Soon, you?ll be making sonic landscapes that every synth and synthesist only hear in their electronic dreams!


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