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Logic Pro X MIDI Plug-Ins Explained TUTORiAL

Logic Pro X MIDI Plug-Ins Explained TUTORiAL
Logic Pro X MIDI Plug-Ins Explained TUTORiAL
SYNTHiC4TE | August 30 2013 | 280.78 MB

The new Logic Pro X introduced some new, way cool MIDI plug-ins that can really inspire, create new parts for your songs and allow you to tweak until your heart's content. Follow along with Apple Logic Certified Pro Eli Krantzberg and see just what all the excitement is about. Eli begins with an introduction, explaining just what MIDI plug-ins are and how they're used. Eli then showcases the first plug-in, "Note Repeater" explaining how it works and how you can create cool delay type lines with it and more. The "Modulator" Plug-In is next and Eli reveals both the LFO and Envelope sections....

The "Randomizer" is then examined as well as the "Transposer", and Eli demonstrates how you can create custom arpeggiated patterns using all the plug-ins looked at so far. Next up are the "Velocity Processor", "Modifier" and "Chord Trigger" plug-ins. Eli explains them all in detail and gives you cool ideas for their use.

The all-mighty "Arpeggiator" plug-in is then gone over with a fine tooth comb, leaving no feature or function unexplained. Eli wraps up the series with some tips and tricks on recording MIDI FX as well as setting up parallel processing with MIDI FX.

If you're new to Logic Pro X and its features, or just want to get a fresh perspective on them, this series is just what the doctor ordered... Watch "Logic Pro X MIDI Plug-Ins Explained" today.


17 Tutorials / Almost 2 Hours Total Runtime
For all beginner to intermediate Logic Pro X users
Tutorials written by Apple Logic Certified Pro Eli Krantzberg
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