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Killer Keys Vol.2 ACiD WAV-KRock

Killer Keys Vol.2 ACiD WAV-KRock
Killer Keys Vol.2 ACiD WAV
Team: KRock | Aug 29, 2013 | 15,64 MB
Killer Keys Volume 2 - Piano/Wurlitzer

Killer Keys Volume 2 consists of over 200 piano, clavi, and bell licks. These licks are everything you need to produce your next hit. They represent the hottest styles in Hip Hop and R&B today, and they are tempo based for easier use. You have chords, riffs, licks and single notes enabling you to put together thousands of different melody patterns.These licks have been edited perfectly, and mastered so that you get that punch you re looking for in your beats. Our licks were recorded through vintage analog gear to give you a warm, crisp sound. The Killer Keys Series is the most modern and best sounding Key Series available! It is a must-have for the serious producer looking to add more heat to his beats!