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Internet Sound it! 7.0 Premium v7.00.5-R2R

Internet Sound it! 7.0 Premium v7.00.5-R2R
Internet Sound it! 7.0 Premium v7.00.5
Team R2R | 2013.08.28 | 35.2 MB

Operability while inheriting traditional easy operation, renewed graphical user interface. Recording and Playback Haikuoritisaundo dithering process used to achieve the new. Editing and processing to make quick and smart to brush up the detail and features and display settings. Essential to professional quality digital recording of analog sound Sonnox plug-ins and various effects produced by restoration. Change various file formats and a variety of CD burning needs. In addition, VST plug-in enabled, and ACID files and creating superior scalability, offers a satisfactory quality in the sound where you need everyone.


* Support VST Plugins
* Include 30 VST Plugins
* Built in Sonnox EQ
* Built in 3 Sonnox Restoration Plugins
* New Pitch Shifter and Time Stretcher
* Mixer Panel, support real time effect
* Generate ACID wav file
* Recording TV, Radio, Discussion with log time recorder

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