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Puremagnetik String Machines MULTiFORMAT

Puremagnetik String Machines MULTiFORMAT
Puremagnetik String Machines
Team: NoGRP | Date: 01-01-2007 | Size: 600,12 MB
Ableton Live EXS KONTAKT


String Machines for Sampler, Kontakt & EXS 4 analog legends recaptured: Puremagnetik has gone back to the golden age of string synthesis and recaptured the sounds of 4 legendary instruments. String Machines contains over 250MB of lush sounds recorded directly from the classic stringers of the 1970's. But doesn't stop with strings! These analog legends had amazing organs, full choirs, pianos and clavichords - all of which are reproduced in this latest release!. String Machines includes programs from: The Roland VP-330, Roland RS-09, ARP Solina String Ensemble and Crumar Orchestrator. Formats included: ALP, KONTAKT, EXS.

Roland RS-09
The RS-09 is an analog strings and organ synthesizer (similar to the Saturn-09 which only produced an organ sound). The string sound and organ sounds are nice, fatty analog sounds. The organ and string sections can be played simultaneously or individually. An ensemble/chorus effect and external sound input are welcome features.

ARP Solina String Ensemble
The Solina String Ensemble is often thought of as THE String Machine of the late 1970's disco era. It's a multi-orchestral machine with violin, viola, trumpet, horn, cello and contrabass. Instead of attack and decay there are crescendo and sustain controls (which sound more orchestral but are the same thing).

Roland VP-330
One of the coolest instruments out there. The vocoder shapes its envelope and filters by any sound source fed into it, your voice or even a drum loop can be used which is then applied to another sound source, typically a synth pad. This creates a very unique and famous robot-like sound.

Crumar Orchestrator
Crumar is an Italian company which manufactured synthesizer keyboards in the 70s and 80s. Its name is taken from that of its founder, Mario Crucianelli. Crumar synthesizers are comparable and contemporaneous to Moog synthesiers and other analog synthesizers.