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EDM Essentials Drum and Bass ACiD WAV AiFF REX2 REFiLL

EDM Essentials Drum and Bass ACiD WAV AiFF REX2 REFiLL
EDM Essentials Drum and Bass ACiD WAV AiFF REX2 REFiLL
EDM Essentials Drum and Bass
TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 21 August 2013 | 487 MB

Are you ready to cook up a fresh batch of D&B debauchery?! We've been handling hazardous chemicals in the Prime Loops lab, breaking beats to bring you this crystalline hit of dishevelled Drum n Bass samples! EDM ESSENTIALS - D&B is a fresh new take on all the fundamental elements associated with this irrepressible and unrelenting genre.

The two key elements to a truly dope D&B mix are pretty obvious - drums and bass (duh!). We've stacked up a massive selection of brand new beats and shoehorned in a phat, bloated case of fresh bass in addition to some insane synths and immense FX! Whether you're making your first ripples in the D&B scene or you're an established producer with a tired sample library, EDM ESSENTIALS - D&B is the ideal injection for your productions.

Weighing in at 150MB, this D&B batch is packed with all kinds of addictive treats; from the beastly murmur of Bassline Loop 'Rumbl' to the frantic metallic pummelling of Drum Loop 'Tex' and the high octane frenzied spasm of Synth Loop 'Strobo'. A total of 203 samples & loops are at your disposal, scattered across 6 folders of Bass Samples, Bassline Loops, Drum Loops, Drum One-Shots, SFX Hits, SFX Loops and Synth Loops and adding them to your mix could not be easier! It all starts with a simple click and drag - from your download folder and over to your favourite piece of major software. Then simply drop it in! The sample will sync automatically with your mix and you can even alter the tempo by selecting the end of the sample and adjusting the length - squeeze up for a faster tempo or stretch it out to slow things down. EDM ESSENTIALS - D&B comes with a standard tempo of 174BPM and each of these professionally mastered samples is delivered in astonishing 24-bit high definition clarity!