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Dubstep Growls and Pitch Mod Leads TUTORiAL

Dubstep Growls and Pitch Mod Leads TUTORiAL
Dubstep Growls and Pitch Mod Leads TUTORiAL
SYNTHiC4TE | August 20 2013 | 383 MB

This series looks at using it for more than just bass sounds. This first installment explores some ideas and methods that are easy to implement with this powerhouse synth and hopefully sheds a little light on some things you can do differently to help improve your instruments and your sound design sessions within Massive

Growl Bass & Lead Sequence Design
Videos 1 and 2 of this mini series on designing Dubstep Growls & Pitch Mod Leads in NI Massive focus on designing a modulating growl and sequencing your lead sound with just Stepper. These videos show how easy it can be to make a complex set of sounds work together.

You?ll learn:

Explore bass and growl design with Massive
Which filters and effects to use to get a fuller sound and why
How to introduce phasing to your sound and why it?s important
How to use envelopes to create unique sounds you can use again and again
Why the usually hated ?Modern Talking? wavetable can be a powerful friend
Learn the ?Trigger Zero Reset? trick to a consistent sound
How to use voicing to thicken your sounds

Pitch Mod Leads & The Riser
In videos 3 and 4 we?re going to take a look at creating super fat sounds that will add instant character to your sounds. You?ll also learn how to add serious amounts of tension and interest to your tracks.

You?ll learn:

Which wavetables for these kind of sounds and why
how to create super wide sounds for deep phased synths
How to use filters to create awesome power in your sounds
How to add grit to your sounds using Massive?s onboard efx
Add tension to your track with a powerful riser
Pro tips on how to set up Massive?s effects