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Brad Carlton Improvisation A La Mode 2009

Brad Carlton Improvisation A La Mode 2009
Brad Carlton Improvisation A La Mode 2009
English | SWF | data-dvd | 320x240 (4:3) | 2,91 Gb
MP3 | 128 Kbps | 44100 Khz | 2 channels | 07h 14min

Improvisation A La Mode unravels the mystery of improvisation by revealing Carlton's unique approach for instantly identifying parent keys along with their respective modes and applying his improvisational know-how to create rich colors and textures in solos and rhythm work. Improvisation A La Mode is a hands-on playing course - no manuals, tedious theory, paperwork or exercises required. You will play your way through the course by following the video segments, referencing a single chart and practicing over correlated jam tracks.

Here's how Improvisation A La Mode works:

All seven modes are presented and discussed in detail to explore the mode's construction and tonality.
Using the mode's corresponding jam track, Carlton demonstrates the mode's tonal colors and their application for solo and rhythm work.
Carlton presents all major scale forms, across the neck, from which the modes can be utilized in any position.
A system for quickly identifying parent keys and scales is presented and demonstrated extensively.
Octaves and pentatonic scales are presented to quickly connect parent scales with their respective modes.
A wide variety of progressions are examined with demonstrations of solo and rhythm improvisation.

The course also comes with Brad Carlton's JamBox, which serves up 100 jam tracks across a variety of styles so you can apply your new-found improvisational prowess. Each jam track features a reference chart for solo and rhythm improvisation guidelines.