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Puremagnetik VoxBox for LiVE LOGiC KONTAKT-DYNAMiCS

Puremagnetik VoxBox for LiVE LOGiC KONTAKT-DYNAMiCS
Team: DYNAMiCS | Date: 07.05.2009 | Size: 113,09 MB

A sound design toolkit of multisampled vocal menus, instruments and looped phrases. Includes a diverse selection of male and female vocal articulations. VoxBox has been developed as a one-stop solution for instrument building and sound design applications that require vocal timbres. Whether you wish to construct standalone voice programs or to layer vocals into existing sounds, VoxBox provides the raw material for patch thickening and harmonic variations. The VoxBox menus and looped phrases are equally suited as ready to play without further processing. Simply load up one of the tempo synced clips or play the one-shot phrases as you would any other instrument. VoxBox integrates perfectly into your Ableton Live session.

Menus, Looped Phrases and More
VoxBox comes packed with multiple menus of vocal articulations. Timbres "Dwayne" and "Nina" present a diverse range of sustained and staccato syllables for instrument programming or layering together for new sound creations.

VoxBox Features:

? 24-bit female and male vocal articulations
? Unique assortment of stylized looped phrases
? Complete Ableton Live integration with advanced Macro programming
? Includes sound design example patches for various instruments types and timbres