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Spectrasonics BackBeat SAGE Xpander for Stylus RMX DVDR

Spectrasonics BackBeat SAGE Xpander for Stylus RMX DVDR
Spectrasonics BackBeat SAGE Xpander
for Stylus RMX DVDR
Team: BSOUNDZ | Size: 1.45 GB

Create your own complete drum track with Song Construction Elements including Variations, Fills, Fill Bars, Intros, Breakdowns, Ride and Sidestick patterns, add-on Cymbals and more. Backbeat lays down the perfect foundation for a wide variety of current styles. If you?re one of those purists who insists on avoiding drum loops because you think they?re too limiting, this Xpander may finally change your mind. Stylus RMX? has the tools to make every groove on Backbeat as spontaneous and fresh as working with a live drummer. For example RMX?s exclusive Chaos Designer? can improvise by randomly shifting or repeating hits inside the groove, as much or as little as you like. Plus you can save variations as completely new grooves, so there?s almost no end to the variety and liveliness of BackBeat, or any Xpander, when used with RMX.

With our exclusive S.A.G.E. technology, it's shocking how much control you have over the drummers' performances. Using just Stylus RMX and your sequencer, you can change the drummer?s tempo, his feel, the pitch of his drums, the time signature, even the whole pattern without affecting the live, fluid sound of his playing. It?s an unbelievable advance, and so simple to use. Have no fear. Whatever your style, whatever your tempo, whatever your attitude, Backbeat and Stylus RMX will put these world-class drummers and their dynamic talent right in your back pocket.

Live Drumming at its purest!


? Authentic Sound and Feel
? Multiple world-class Drummers, Studios and Engineers
? Transitional Song Construction Elements
? Ultra-Wide Sonic Variety
? Unprecedented Control
? 450 loops in 39 categories
? One-of-a-kind Acoustic Drum & Percussion Grooves
? Highly Creative Sound, Feel & Style
? Ethnic grooves with unique processing
? Newly developed Multi patches take full advantage of new S.A.G.E.? (Spectrasonics Advanced Groove Engine) technology with multitrack grooves which show the full potential of Liquid Grooves with Stylus RMX.
? Korg Wavedrum? grooves and Remixes
? Useful Styles that work across the whole musical spectrum
? Multitrack style elements ideal for remixing
? Unprecedented Control with S.A.G.E.-based Groove Control®
? Special Bonus Section includes grooves from Bizarre Guitar, Vocal Planet and more!