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Bigroom Elektro Vol.2 Presets for Z3ta+2 MiDi

Bigroom Elektro Vol.2 Presets for Z3ta+2 MiDi
Bigroom Elektro Vol.2 Presets for Z3ta+2 MiDi
TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 16 August 2013 | 8.54 MB

After another marathon session trapped in the S2S disco dungeon with nothing more than a Z3ta+2 plug-in, a mighty pair of monitors, and their own dementedly delightful production prowess. Side-step the overplayed presets and patches from other "Massively" overused plug-in's with the easily manipulated Cakewalk's Z3ta+2. Quickly becoming the go to VST for the electro house sound of 2013, the Sounds To Sample crew bring down the production bar of entry for beginners, and build a perfect preset starting point for veterans looking to build their own sounds for their next peak-hour heater.

Filled with 100 preset files including bass, leads, pads, arps, fx and more, Bigroom Elektro Z3ta+2 Presets Vol. 2 will quickly become the go to pack for bigroom tastemakers looking for that next bigroom sound!


? Arps - 11
? Bass - 15
? FX - 8
? Instruments - 12
? Leads - 22
? Pads - 10
? Plucks - 7
? Stabs - 15
? 100 total preset files - 1 bank file
? Bonus - 30 SMF MIDI files
* Other Genres that this package may be useful in:
? Progressive House
? Electro House


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