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Commercial Electro House Sylenth Presets-MAGNETRiXX

Commercial Electro House Sylenth Presets-MAGNETRiXX
Commercial Electro House Sylenth Presets
TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 15 August 2013 | 9.61 MB

Sounds range from sub rocking basses, crisp emotional leads, beautiful plucked synth stabs, huge warm pads, and tension building FX risers and falls. While the sounds are geared towards electro house they will have no problem fitting in with other electronic genres such as dubstep, deep house, or progressive. Most sounds have mod wheel assignment for extra expression. Listen to the demo to get an idea of the quality and caliber or these premium sounds.

Latest version of Sylenth is recommended for these presets.

Sylenth Presets patch list:

BS Deep
BS Davbass
BS Sub Bass
BS Fat Square Bass
BS Fat Electro HBD
BS Fatlly Bass
BS AGido
BS Attsquare
BS Halk On Road
BS Electeast
BS Devil
BS Detune Air
LD Lovers
LD Scram Sky
LD The Dark Rise
LD Poison
LD Normally
LD Hard Saw
LD Saw Hard Lead 2
LD Distowarm
LD Crazy Osc
LD OSijumper
LD Dammit Damp
LD Dammit Uppers
LD DistSquare
LD Guitar Feedback
LD War of the OSC
LD Zap
LD Ghost
LD Classic Harmonic
LD Heavy SQD
LD Alphabeat
LD Fat Brass
LD AnalogBrass
LD Knife Party
LD Sine
LD Chimical
LD SQX2 Vibration
LD Monsters
LD Harwell
LD Hardwell 2
LD Ultimate
LD Mausynth
LD Mausynth2
LD Mausynth 3
LD Haferman
LD Talking
LD Bnassi
LD Domino
LD Asian Ney
PD Skyfall
PD Logard
PD Kelissa
PL Cloudy Duo
PL Cloudy Kid
PL Flute
PL Decimate Square
PL Beyond
FX Uplifter
FX Uplifter Alarm
FX WN Sidechain
FX Downlifter
FX Uplifter Noise