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Soundbytes Sympathizer VST 1.1-peace-out

Soundbytes Sympathizer VST 1.1-peace-out
Soundbytes Sympathizer VST 1.1
Team: peace-out | Date: 12.12.2009 | Size: 5,85 MB

Sympathizer is based on a tunable comb filter bank and extends the concept to further explore this very specific domain of sound creation. Sympathizer's sonic scope spans from the mere recreation of a sympathetic string cluster to the pellicular sounds of sparkling overtone cascades and textures. Sympathizer can be used for creating tuned reverbs or drone pad sounds that are hard to achieve through other means.


* Twenty eight freely tunable string resonators, grouped into three comb filter banks.
* String material, string decay, stereo width, output volume and panorama settings can be adjusted separately for each bank.
* Bank faders can be grouped to quickly change settings globally or ganged in reverse to make adjustments to a single bank while still preserving the overall balance of the preset.
* Resonator pitch can be set as MIDI note number, as note name or as frequency.
* Pitch changes can be applied to a single resonator, to selected banks or globally to allow quick and convenient retuning of the effect.
* Damper and output volume are controllable through various MIDI sources or VST host automation.