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Music Tech September 2013

Music Tech September 2013
Music Tech September 2013
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The new issue of MusicTech magazine is on sale now and this month we?re starting off a major series for every major DAW, so it?s time to look at your studio with fresh eyes ? a great working environment can be inspirational in itself?

This Month?s Features
Become a Power User: Setting Up Your Studio
The process of making music is a multi-layered one ? and there is an awful lot to learn. Most people spend years getting to grips with the various different skills involved and, in truth, few (if any) ever stop learning ? there?s always something to improve or a new trick to pick up. To the uninitiated it can seem daunting ? a world full of jargon and technology that threatens to overwhelm newcomers. Even for people who are familiar with one aspect of music-making, a different area might seem baffling if they have not ventured there before.

Getting your studio environment right can also be a continuous learning process. There is so much gear, so many options, and it?s tough to get the right guidance on what you should be buying. In this new series, we?ll show you everything you need to know to setup your studio correctly to become a power user!

Become A Power User In All The Major DAWs: Continuing our ?become a power user? theme this month we?ve got tutorials in all the major DAWs, exploring the most important and useful approaches to the most popular software around. Including our first FL Studio tutorial

Genre Focus: How To Produce Authentic House: We start a new series this month that focuses on different genres of music production across every DAW. We kick off with house, the simplest of dance genres. ?Or is it?? asks Rob Boffard?

Industry Guru: ADAM: In a relatively short time, ADAM Audio has become one of the most prestigious monitor manufacturers around. MT meets the guru behind the company?

The MT Deconstruction: Another new feature, by closely examining other people?s tracks you can learn some stunning production techniques that you can use in your own music. In our opener, we look at Faithless? Insomnia and learn that dance music doesn?t just have to be about big bass lines and huge kicks ? and that a second inversion could be the way forward.

10MM: Sample Streaming: Sample-streaming and the associated technologies are vital facets of the modern-day software sampler. Mark Cousins makes his voice count?

Landmark Productions: Kid A: The follow-up to OK Computer took them to dizzying new creative heights yet left many fans of their previous output stone cold. Andy Price explores Radiohead?s Kid A?

Plus Advance: Opinion, predictions and upcoming reviews, plus what you may have missed at
Reviews of Logic Pro X, Panorama P1, Heavyocity AEON, Sample Logic Assault Library, Vengeance Sound Sampler, Yamaha HS Series Monitors and many more.

Plus much much more!
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