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Soundbytes Stringverb VST 1.1-peace-out

Soundbytes Stringverb VST 1.1-peace-out
Soundbytes Stringverb VST 1.1
Team: peace-out | Date: 12.12.2009 | Size: 4,89 MB

StringVerb is based on the StringVerb section of HurdyGurdy (which it is included with). It simulates a cluster of six sympathetic strings. These strings are attached to the body of the instrument. They are not struck or bowed. Their resonant vibration is excited by the tone of the instrument.


* Level: Controls the volume of the audio effect.
* Material: Changes the string material. Turn the knob left for a gut/nylon like sound turn right to achieve a more brilliant/metallic sound.
* Sustain: Controls the decay of the sympathetic string cluster.
* Width: The width control generates a stereo signal by spreading the string verb resonators in the stereo field.
* Tuning Section: The string verb tuning controls look and behave very much like the tuning section for the HurdyGurdy voices. There is one notable difference though: the string verb tuning controls feature a third page that allows numeric input of the resonator frequencies.

Our previous release has timebomb. And our crckd SE module was automatically overwrited by plugins on some computers. Now we removed that.