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M1 Garand Rifle KONTAKT

M1 Garand Rifle KONTAKT
M1 Garand Rifle KONTAKT
AUDIOXiMiK | 09 August 2013 | 81.3 MB

This hybrid SFX-Instrument library is designed for professional sound designers, composers, re-recording mixers and music producers. It combines the real-time playability, musicality and control of a virtual instrument with the boiler plate accessibility and flexibility of a classic professional-grade sound effect library, delivered in a convenient a la cart package for easy download and integration into your workflow. The first in our Fireams series...


...the SFX M1 Garand Rifle library focuses exclusively on this classic and widely used WWII military weapon, and includes the most essential sound effect elements that it produces, from 30-06 caliber gunshots (indoor /outdoor) and brass bounces on two common surfaces to a whole spectrum of mechanical M1 reloading, trigger, handling and firing action sounds. This library is designed to be your M1-in-a-Box, with everything you need in one easy solution. However, since it?s recorded in a dry, neutral environment, its ready for easy mixing with other sound libraries. And as always, we explore each sound effect category in great depth, to provide an organic, non-repetitive and lifelike result that is especially ideal for video game sound design and film audio post production, or for use in more unorthodox applications, such as concert percussion. While the sounds are authentic and specific to their source for those doing period work, they can easily be manipulated and employed in any number of other ways.

The .30 Caliber M1 Garand rifle is a classic military firearm that was widely used by the United States during World War II and throughout the mid 20th century. Invented by Canadian-born John Cantius Garand, it was the first semi-automatic infantry rifle fielded widely by any nation and served as the primary infantry weapon for the US and a number of it?s allies throughout the war. Primarily chambered for a .30-06 Springfield cartridge (often called ?30-aught-six?), with some chambered for0.308 Winchester rounds. The rifle had an internal magazine that was loaded with an En-bloc clip, most likely leading to the popularization of the improper term ?clip? being applied to any detachable magazine. The slide mechanism is also well known for its tenancy to smash the thumb of the operator during reloading, requiring special care to ride the bolt forward after the clip is inserted. Following WWII, the rifle continued to see service in both the United States military and in the armed forces of a number of nations around the world well into the late 60s and 70s, with a number of regional and specialized variants, until finally being phased out in favor of the M14 carbine and M16 rifle. The M1 is still used by USMC drill teams to this day.

Our library focuses on a .30-06 Garand and covers a full kit of associated sounds, including indoor and outdoor gunshots, spent brass bouncing on concrete and wooden surfaces, weapon shaking, movement and handling sounds and a full spectrum of important and useful mechanical action, loading, trigger, safety and other functional sounds produced by the common battlefield use (and abuse) of this weapon.

We?ve included 450 individual M1 Garand sound effects and segments, with individual presets for each category, as well as a master construction preset that includes all of the key sound elements in a single sound bank, with built-in auto-variation (round-robin) where appropriate.

Sound Effects

450 unique regioned sound effects, contained in 21 wav archives:
.30-06 Rifle Gunshot indoors (13 var.)
.30-06 Rifle Gunshot outdoors (13 var.)
Spent Brass Bounce on Concrete (18 variations)
Spent Brass Bounce on Wood (29 variations)
Butt and Handguard Grabs & Impacts (51 var.)
Handle & carry rattles and clicks (16 var.)
Heavy rifle shakes and rattles (8 variations)
Action handling and ammo clip loading (119 var)
Rack slide fast, w/ spent round eject (37 var.)
Fast Bolt open and release cycle (24 var)
Slow Bolt open and release cycle (43 variations)
Bolt release and close hard (32 variations)
Rifle Trigger clicks (20 variations)
Rifle Safety Clicks (17 variations)
Various metallic and wooden rattles, shakes clicks, slides, scrapes, scuffs and creaks.


450 SFX, with ready-to-extract regions
21 Pre-Regioned Broadcast Wav Files, ready to extract and export
17 .nki files
42 Bonus custom convolution reverb impulses
171 MB installed (80 MB Download)
16 bit / 44.1 & 48 kHz stereo PCM wav format
Format(s): Kontakt 3.5 .nki and pcm .wav
Standard sfx library configuration
Deep bwf metadata, including keywords
Custom scripted Kontakt user interface with full automation support

NKI Program Presets
For Kontakt users, we?ve included 17 Kontakt 3.5/4-compatible nki programs, all featuring automatable attack, release, offset, swell, tuning, EQ, convolution, width and other specialized performance controls.

Several presets also include our Uberpeggiator system, which allows both simple and complex free-form and rule-based arpeggiations and sequences:

M1 garand construction kit ? All of core sound sets at your fingertips, w/ round-robin and single fx
Brass bounce concrete ? RR & singles
Brass bounce wood ? RR & singles
Rifle Gunshots indoor ? RR & singles
Rifle Gunshots outdoor ? RR & singles
Rifle handgrip grab ? RR & singles
Rifle rattles ? singles
Rifle shakes ? RR and singles
Loading ? singles, 2 types
Rack slide open ? singles
Rack slide open & close bolt fast ? singles
Rack slide open & close bolt slow ? singles
Slide release close ? RR & singles, 2 types
Trigger clicks ? RR & singles
Safety & misc clicks ? RR & singles