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Best Service Blue Box 16 CD-Set WAV DVD9

Best Service Blue Box 16 CD-Set WAV DVD9
Best Service Blue Box 16 CD-Set WAV DVD9
Team: KRock | Size: 3,13 GB

Blue Box - State of the Art sound effects 16 CD Set mixed mode WAV/Audio There is also an "adapted" version for Gigasampler available. Incredible variety of sounds Blue Box contains one of the world`s most impressive sound libraries. Diversity and authentic Sound FX distinguish this Box from all others. Made for film and multimedia production this library is a treasure trove for Ambient Music and Commercials.

Best Service.Blue Box - Disc 01-02 - Sound Effects (Traffic 1)
Best Service.Blue Box - Disc 03-04 - Air, sea_Traffic,Street,Subway
Best Service.Blue Box - Disc 07-08 - Rain, Thunder, Fire, Bird
Best Service.Blue Box - Disc 09-10 - Animals,House,Human
Best Service.Blue Box - Disc 11-12 - Applause,Crowsd_interior,Surroundings
Best Service.Blue Box - Disc 13-14 - Alarm_Signals_Radio,Comic_Effect,Explosions_Shot_Fighting,Industry,Mixed_Sound_Long Short,Percussive_Fx,Smash_Break_Pops
Best Service.Blue Box - Disc 15-16 - Sound Effects(Sports, Ethnic, Other)

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