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Best Service PLP120 VSTi AU RTAS v1.0 HYBRiD iSO-DELiRiUM

Best Service PLP120 VSTi AU RTAS v1.0 HYBRiD iSO-DELiRiUM
Best Service PLP120 HYBRiD iSO
Team: DELiRiUM | Release Date: 12-15-03 | 1.09 GB

With PLP 120 you get a superb collection of a thousand rhythmical grooves combined with a specially adapted user interface.
PLP 120 is a virtual instrument plug-in combining live - played percussion with an innovative audio engine. This is dramatically different from other products through the possibilities of loop settings with the so - called "loopeye." All loops are four bars in length but what makes it stunning is that you can easily change the start and endpoint of each of the loops thanks to the specially adapted and very useful interface.


PLP 120 also includes amazing new tech grooves based on electronic and acoustic rhythmic loops and a large collection of live-played percussion from all over the world. You get hundreds of construction banks sorted in numerous styles always mapped to two octaves of your keyboard. You can arrange your own rhythmical firework in a fast and uncomplicated way just by pressing some keys!

PLP 120 goes further than any soundlibrary or module ever did. Now you can explore the world!

PLP 120 Features:

o 1.5 GB of live percussive performances
o over 1000 - 4 bar loops
o over 400 filles, breaks and single shots
o all grooves will combine
o electronic & acoustic loops
o live-played world loops
o construction banks sorted in styles
o played by professional studio musicians
o recorded with high-quality equipment
o for Dance, Pop & contemporary productions
o audio engine for quick adaptation
o high-quality Time+Pitch Algorithms
o all samples recorded at 120 bpm
o optimally adaptible from 90 to 150 bpm
o innovative Loopeye for fast loop variations

Much more than just a collection of grooves, PLP120 allows you to adjust the tempo and pitch of the samples to match your song. The sounds remain crystal clear, retaining the highest quality thanks to the fantastic MPEX2 algorithms by Prosoniq. All licks were recorded at 120 bpm. These can be changed in tempo to +/- 30 bpm (90-150 bpm) and retain the highest quality.

The Loopeye enables you to easily change the loop start and end point to create fantastic new groove variations. But the fun doesn?t stop there: the PLP120 engine allows you to split the grooves into different splices, automatically assigned to your keyboard so you can create literally endless new variations of the original groove.

Search through specific categories like percussion instruments from all around the world - eg. Darbuka or Conga. The engine also allows you to search in categories like Latin, Oriental, Asia and more, you can even search for specific dance styles like Hip Hop and others.

All these features together with multiple ways of creativly manipulating the grooves is making the PLP 120 an outstanding instrument.