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NanoMod 1 Rich Pads KONTAKT

NanoMod 1 Rich Pads KONTAKT
NanoMod 1 Rich Pads KONTAKT
SYNTHiC4TE | August 07 2013 | 167.53 MB

Rich Pads takes naturally rich analogue waveforms and stacks them up for a seriously beefy, warm sound.
Wave 1 is a smooth, lush triangle-based pad sound, thickened by gently detuning multiple oscillators. Being triangle-based, it's harmonically easy on the ear, ideal for woodwind-type pads and for filling the background of a mix without pushing itself forward.

Wave 2 is a massive sawtooth sound, generated from two oscillators being mixed and then pushed through the SuperSawtor for a "supersaw" style edge. It's ideal for string-type pads or Roland-inspired blankets of sound, and has plenty of harmonics for the filters to bite into.

Blending between these two source sounds gets you everything from the kind of subtle pad that you only miss when you mute it out of the mix, through rich, chorussy strings, to full-on overheated synthscapes!