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NanoMod 2 Cool Reeds KONTAKT

NanoMod 2 Cool Reeds KONTAKT
NanoMod 2 Cool Reeds KONTAKT
SYNTHiC4TE | August 07 2013 | 157.26 MB

Cool Reeds blends a fan-operated acoustic reed organ tone with a tensely harmonic synthesised pulse-wave, giving you a whole spectrum of pipes, reeds and eerie textures.
Wave 1 is a classic warm fan-based reed organ tone, taken from ShelTone. It has a bit of organic instability, a bit of crackly antiquity, and a typical reed-organ soft attack dynamic that we've left in place. Blends that favour this will have an acoustic, "realistic" air to them.

Wave 2 is generated from multiple detuned and layered pulse waves, and was synthesised to give a larger-than-life synth reed timbre. It has a strong harmonic presence and is much thicker than Wave 1, so this is the end of the dial to turn to when you want a bigger, more aggressive sound.

Cranking up the Warmth control and slowing the Shimmer can yield some great out-of-pitch ethnic reed sounds, while typical synth patches suddenly acquire a more organic texture. Background drones or melodic lines, soft washes or squawking bagpipe chanters; even full-on grinding organ patches ? it's all here!