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Things That Go Bump In The Night ACiD WAV CDDA AKAi-PAD

Things That Go Bump In The Night ACiD WAV CDDA AKAi-PAD
Things That Go Bump In The Night ACiD WAV CDDA AKAi
Team: P.A.D | 02/05/2008 | 1,47 GB
Events, loops and atmospheres

"Film and TV composers are bound to find plenty of fodder in Things That Bo Bump for sci-fi soundtracks. Techno and trip-hop artists and dance remixers will have a field day." - Keyboard Magazine So amazing... it s frightening! Things That Go Bump In The Night features ten of the top sound designers and electronic music artists of our time- Including Atom Heart, Robert Rich, Sliver, Thomas Schobel and control-X. Top-notch sound design with a rich, dark undercurrent? comprised of pulsar data, proprietary synth engines, incredible processed effects, pitched and percussive loops, crescendos, ambient beds and more!

"Perfect 10... so jampacked with exotic sonorities that they practically ooze out of the CD tray." - Keyboard

"If you re looking for a fusion between a sample CD, a sound effects library and a very intense trip through some expensive outboard gear that appears to be on fire, check this one out." - Sound on Sound


- Pitched Loops
- Percussive Loops
- Groove Dimension Loops
- Titanium Rhythms Loops
- Short Loops Cycles
- Crescendos
- Vocal
- Events
- Short Hits
- Long Hits
- Analog Synth Hits
- Sustained Sounds: Static Pitch
- Sustained Sounds: Variable Pitch
- Sustained Sounds: Lumpy
- Sustained Sounds: Low Frequency
- Sustained Sounds: Homogenous
- Sustained Sounds: Noise
- Data Conversions